Eating out - Canberra/ Lunch


Since adopting a plant health lifestyle, I get asked regularly if  I miss any particular animal based food product I used to eat?

The honest answer is no. Things I ate by the truckload like cheese and bread is easily substituted with a range of great plant based options.

That said though I do occasionally get a craving for the flavour of eggs…..specifically an egg sandwich.

Again there are many vegan versions of egg, namely tofu with Himalayan black salt etc.

When that urge comes around I head to Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe for one of their Eggless Egg Salad Sandwiches.

It is a close to that egg flavour I remember that I have tasted since being a plant health man. I have tried to recreate it at home a few times with embarrassing results. After a quite work with the owner I now know what the secret ingredient is but I was sworn to keep it a secret so to my grave it will follow me.

I haven’t tried to make it since finding that out. When I get a craving I’ll just head into Sweet Bones and order one of these sandwiches.

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