Eating out - Canberra


I have found the best Indian food in Canberra!!!!

Big statement I know.

This is some leftovers I’m having for lunch. Potato and green bean curry with a bean curry. Served with a chickpea roti reheated in a sandwich press.

I make some sort of curry at home on a regular basis:
1. Because I love them; and
2 Because most Indian restaurants cook with a lot of oil which my stomach doesn’t agree with since I’ve not used oil for over three years.

That was until I tried Roleee’s in Braddon.

All of their vegan food is made with fresh wholefood ingredients.

They even make their spice mixes fresh in store rather than buy them pre-made from some bulk restaurant supplier. You can really taste the difference.

Their roti breads are made fresh daily without any unnecessary additives you often find like animal lard.

Well worth a try.

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