This is the nerve centre of

Here you will find all the different food and meals I prepare in my experimental kitchen and the so-called recipes.

No I don’t follow recipes. I just create as I go along, hence the term ‘experimental’.

This does not mean I’m completely clueless. Through trial and error I have figured out what flavours work well with each other. Lets not talk about the dark chocolate wontons. It seemed like a great idea at the time…LOL!

There are a few things I could not do without in my kitchen.

  1. Phillips Air fryer. It cooks everything perfectly and works great without oil;

  2. Two tier large steamer pot set;

  3. Food processor; and

  4. Soup maker. It cooks and blends, Just put in the ingredients and go.

I have set up a number of categories to make it easier to find things. I hope you enjoy and please let me know how you go if you make one of my creations. I would love to hear from you including the pictures.