It makes sense to me that if I am going to live a plant health lifestyle I should grow my own plants. So that’s what I do.

My backyard in suburbia has 22 metres of raised garden beds growing a wide range of vegetables.

In addition to this I also have various places where I grow herbs and chillies.

I originally started with nine metres of garden beds in Spring 2015. After much unexpected success I went all out a year later and increased the space.

I am proud to say I build and planted it all myself. No all the timber is not lined up perfect, in fact some of it has warped in the extreme weather conditions but I don’t care because it all works. That said my late carpenter grandad is probably shaking his head from above.

BEFORE – The location of the second area of raised garden beds.


AFTER – Job done several truck loads of soil later.

I am now starting to put together a garden bed and planting plan in my front yard including a range of fruit trees. Also looking at investing in a water tank so i can reach the point where I am self-sufficient.