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Lazy Su is a bit of a hipster Korean eatery in downtown Braddon, in the city of Canberra, AUSTRALIA.

Glancing at their regular menu you would fail to find many plant based options.

That is except when they toss all that out once a month in favour of a Vegan Han Jung Sik, which according the menu is a full-course Korean meal with an array of savoury side dishes.

Legend has it that the Han Jung Sik originated as a lavish banquet served in ancient royal palaces and the homes of aristocrats.

I’m sure back in the day, the Kings/Queens/Emperors etc and society’s elites where suitably impressed as I was tonight, again.

This is the second banquet Lazy Su’s has put on for us vegans in as many months.

Check out the full menu below but I would have to say my favourites this time were the Eggplant Skewers, Mushroom Bulgogi and the Stuffed Korean Chilli Poppers. That said there were no disappointments.

This Plant Health Man strongly recommends giving the Lazy Su Vegan Banquet a try when you get the choice. You won’t regret it and all for under $50 a head. Drinks extra.

Follow them on social media to ensure you get an early heads up for the next one. Tickets sell very fast.

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