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Pizza is something that usually involves a dough base topped with some of your favourite ingredients.  Tastes good? Yes.

Whether you make your own or get it from your local pizza place, I can assure you it will not taste as good as one from Gigi in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

Gigi was a very popular local pizze (as they call it) restaurant in the inner city Newtown when overnight the owner transformed it to a vegan only eatery.

It was 12 months since I had last been to Gigi but was again blown away by their ability to put together simple flavours of plant food ingredients and turn the end result into an explosion of joy for your taste buds.

On this visit I ordered from the specials board. Pizze made with pumpkin puree, asparagus, mushroom, potato and dairy free ricotta cheese.

Pizze perfection!!!

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