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When I walked into Bliss & Chips I can honestly say that I had no idea I was about to try a piece of deep fried pizza.

One of my Plant Health Man followers on Facebook had suggested it after giving it a high score on a recent visit. Still I was thinking of getting a burger or some fishless fish and chips.

Deep fried anything is not something that comes to mind when I think of plant health food. Anyway before I knew it a piece appeared on my table.

I was scared, excited and nervous.

After some considerable procrastination, the part of the brain that would have had you thrown in jail years ago if you had listened to it spoke up and said “Just shut up and take a bite!” So I did.

First you get crunch, followed by a intense cheesy hit to the tastebuds, then tomato, the bread based and another layer of crunch.

I took a few more bites just to be sure I had actually bitten into it and unsurprisingly it tasted the same as the first mouthful. I didn’t take it any further and won’t in the future either. Not my thing but that said plenty of people love it. If that sounds like you make a date with Bliss & Chips. If it isn’t, still make a date to go there. They have so many awesome plant based or vegan foods to try. Most are also Gluten Free. Check out the menu below.

Bliss & Chips is on King Street in Newtown, SYDNEY.



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