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Eating out – Canberra

Eating out - Canberra


The Fish Shack in Canberra has gone hi-tech today with the release of it’s own mobile smartphone app.

Apple and Android users can download the app then peruse the menu to salivate over what vegan options they plan to consume on their next visit to the venue smack bang in the centre of Civic.

In fact you can even order ahead or if you are lucky enough to live in the inner city, ask for the delivery service.

If you check out the menu you might even spot the new secret vegan item. A photo of the said item is above.

A clue for you – it’s delicious. That’s not not really a clue….sorry! 🤣

Dinner/ Eating out - Canberra


Pizza Capers is the latest fast food company to try to cash in on the rapidly growing vegan market.

They have done this with the introduction of a vegan sweet potato pizza offering.

Pizza Capers has started appearing predominately on Australian eastern seaboard in recent years (QLD, NSW and the ACT).

I have had food from Pizza Capers before but only after ordering a vegetarian pizza, removing the cheeses, adding extra vegetables etc.

With this new “Sweet Potato Pizza” offering they now offer a vegan shredded style cheese option.

I don’t know which one it is? My local store couldn’t tell me and the company’s website doesn’t even list the pizza as an option yet???

It tasted very nice, even though it was topped with sweet chilli sauce which I don’t really go in for usually.

Despite this I would certainly order one again when I can’t be stuffed cooking dinner.



Dinner/ Eating out - Canberra


Many of my vegan friends rave about Malaysian Chapter at Belconnen.

One, is because they serve up some great authentic food and two, they offer plenty of vegan options.

I’m almost ashamed to say I have only eaten there twice in almost three years but I have a pretty good excuse. I live on the other side of town.

I recently caught up with a friend who had just moved into Belconnen. I suggested Malaysian Chapter because she didn’t know any restaurants having just set up digs in the suburb.

I ordered the Kari Dhal which was a curry made up of lentils cooked with fresh tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, eggplant & okra.

I thought I had been doing alright with some homemade curries I had made up in previous weeks. It didn’t take long to realise the difference between a self taught home cook (me) and a master.

 It was packed with flavour and plenty of spice to boot. The roti’s I ordered on the side were a perfect combination with the curry. Everyone of the vegetables had been cooked for the right amount of time and were infused with the tastes of authenticity.

I won’t be leaving it so long before I head back to Malaysian Chapter again.

Eating out - Canberra/ Lunch


Since adopting a plant health lifestyle, I get asked regularly if  I miss any particular animal based food product I used to eat?

The honest answer is no. Things I ate by the truckload like cheese and bread is easily substituted with a range of great plant based options.

That said though I do occasionally get a craving for the flavour of eggs…..specifically an egg sandwich.

Again there are many vegan versions of egg, namely tofu with Himalayan black salt etc.

When that urge comes around I head to Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe for one of their Eggless Egg Salad Sandwiches.

It is a close to that egg flavour I remember that I have tasted since being a plant health man. I have tried to recreate it at home a few times with embarrassing results. After a quite work with the owner I now know what the secret ingredient is but I was sworn to keep it a secret so to my grave it will follow me.

I haven’t tried to make it since finding that out. When I get a craving I’ll just head into Sweet Bones and order one of these sandwiches.

Eating out - Canberra


Sorry I would give you the recipe……but I didn’t make it.

That honour goes to Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe in Braddon, Canberra, Australia.

It was perfect in every way. A good amount of natural banana flavour, soft enough to melt in your mouth without much chewing and strong enough to hold together. Add the fresh fruit and whipped coconut cream on top. Belinda Carlisle was right. Heaven is a place on earth and it is called the Banana Bread at Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe!

By the way that is a mango smoothie in the background. I completely forgot about it until I got up to leave. I was too distracted…..LOL!

Eating out/ Eating out - Canberra


The Fish Shack has fast become one of the go to places for many vegans in Canberra and surrounds.

The vegan snack pack is packed with crunchy chips, sautéed shiitake stems, vegan gravy, house aioli toped with Spanish onions and vegan cheese.

Obviously not something to eat everyday but as a treat it just tastes awesome and compared to the full fat meat and dairy laced alternative this is a big winner!!!