My journey living a plant based lifestyle has been made so much easier than you would expect thanks to some wonderful support along the way.

This starts with doctor, Andrew Morris, at Morris Wellness in Kingston, CANBERRA, ACT, AUSTRALIA.

He was the person who suggested I read up on the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, specifically Dr John McDougall.

I read The McDougall Plan from cover to cover and was immediately convinced this was for me. Thank you Dr Morris and Dr McDougall! You changed my life!

I have met countless people since making the change who offered up so much great advice and encouragement.This includes the Vegan ACT members Facebook group. You are all awesome inspiring people with one exception! I could name names but would probably forget someone and also don’t have enough space.So many kind comments about my attempts to make delicious and edible looking meals.

Also I need to thanks members of the Australian Vegan Foodies Group. You are all awesome people who I wish was full of.

No I won’t be opening a cafe or restaurant but here is the long suggested website.

Providing recipes will be a struggle because as many of you know already I just make everything up as I go along but I’ll try hard to write stuff down and share.

It would be impossible to talk about food without mentioning Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe, Veganarchy, Suzy Spoons Vegan Butcher, The Greenway Organic, Naked Foods, As Nature Intended and The Cruelty Free Shop online and more recently in store.

You have all contributed to my journey over the last several years.

I would like to finish with massive applause for my very talented buddy, Patrick Duthie who designed my Plant Health Man logo. His talent knows no bounds. I love his work. If you need anything artistic done Paddy is your man.