Welcome to PlantHealthMan.com

Thank you for visiting and I hope you return many more times. The creation of this website has been in the making for a while now. It was prompted by the numerous kind comments made by people in various online forums and in person over the past few years.

“When are you going to get your own website and share your recipes?”

Recipes! “What are they?” I just make it up as I go along!

When I adopted a Plant Health lifestyle in June 2014 it quickly dawned on me that I needed to start cooking my own meals. It was a case of sink or swim!

Despite being an expert at making toasted sandwiches I knew that would not get me very far, especially since I had just given up cheese.

If i was a drug addict they would say I went ‘cold turkey’. I cleared out the fridge, freezer and pantry of all non plant based foods and replaced with the latter. Day one was steamed frozen mixed vegetables and brown rice with a little tahini paste on top.

Then I just starting grabbing ingredients and throwing them together adding herbs and spices and crossing my fingers.

From there my passion to cook delicious plant health food was born and continues today.

This also led to the start of a backyard vegetable garden. About 22 metres of handmade garden beds growing all sorts of things from tomatoes and zucchinis to spinach, kale, beetroot, spaghetti squash and so much more. Once again no real experience with any gardening unless you call running around my Italian grandfathers backyard fruit and veggie palace as that?

To find out what prompted me to make, what some see as such a dramatic lifestyle change, check out the ABOUT ME tab at the top of this page.

I will use planthealthman.com to feature the results of my experimental cooking and gardening efforts.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll also post reviews from eating out and of some new plant based products and have some exciting interviews lined up with some inspiring plant health people from around the world I would love to share with you.